• LabFlicker is ideal for laboratories that need to comply with the EU Ecodesign directive or US Energy Star requirements.
  • Ideal for measurements of the new flicker metrics: PstLM and SVM
  • One of the highest sampling rates in the market to improve accuracy
  • The instrument uses the high capacity of your PC for advanced live display, and fast data handling
  • Seamless integration of output into other Viso light measurements
  • Also works as a stand-alone device for in-situ measurements
  • Full export of raw data
  • Generate flicker reports – for internal purposes or marketing.
  • LabFlicker Datasheet DOWNLOAD
  • Brochure interactive DOWNLOAD
  • User Manual LabFlicker DOWNLOAD
    Measurement Results SVM, PstLM
    Percent Flicker
    Flicker index
    JA8/10 & ASSIST Mp
    Graphics Full sample modulation graph
    Single period graph
    FFT – frequency domain graph
    Live view
    Specifications Dimensions: L115 x W53 x H13 mm
    Weight: 155g
    Frequency Bandwidth: 0 – 2000 Hz
    Sensor Range: 1,200 – 11,000 lux/
    12 cd @ 0.1 m to 1,100,000 cd @ 10
    Sampling and setup Sensor Analog to Digital sample rate: 640,000 sample/s
    Software working sample rate: 40,000 samples/s (SVM/PstLM 20/10 ksamples/s)
    Connection: Micro USB, 5 m cable