• Measures light sources up to 25 kg/ Ø150 cm (5 ft)
  • Fits into relatively small laboratories
  • All color and lumen data – no integrating sphere needed
  • An advanced system which is very easy to operate
  • Output as customizable reports or raw data
  • Make your own calibrations with CALI-T50 (included)
  • Can be upgraded to include ultraviolet light with LabSensor UV-VIS to LabSpion UV-VIS
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  • User Manual LabSpion DOWNLOAD
    Measurement method Far field, type C horizontal
    Standard spectrometer range Standard 360 – 830 nm (200-850 nm: See LabSpion UV-VIS)
    Sensor distance range 35 cm to 1,600 cm
    Sensor distance setup Standard manual (optional: automatic LabRail)
    Light source diameter range 0 – 1.5 m at 2-axis
    Light source maximum weight 25kg
    Power supply input Lumen, Peak candela, CCT, Spectrum, CRI, TM30, CQS, Beam angle, 3D Light Distribution, Power Specs, lm/W
  • LabSpion Assembly Guide DOWNLOAD
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