NICHIA LEDs With Tinted Encapsulation Boost Contrast in Outdoor Video Displays 25.07.2022

High-contrast NSSM332B LED series enhances vividness of image detail.

Developed as an optimum solution for a wide range of outdoor displays such as those used for advertising and live spectator events among other applications, the near perfect color over angle allows for exceptional video image from any viewpoint. Once integrated into HD display screens, the LEDs can create a more vibrant and captivating viewing experience by improving picture detail.

Scheduled to ship in September 2020, the NSSM332B exemplifies NICHIA’s efforts to set a new standard of quality and further delivers on its brand promise of presenting ‘Light so Good.’

Mr. Tadahiro Takakura, General Manager of Display Business Planning in Nichia Corporation, said: “Outdoor display applications have unique requirements. With this new series of high-contrast, high-brightness surface-mount LED emitters, we’re meeting the additional needs our customers have requested while still delivering proven efficiency, reliability and performance they have come to expect from all our solutions.”

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*NSSM332B is a part number.


Part Number: NSSM332BT

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