Nichia Tunable White 2700K & 6500K in Same LED Package 24.02.2022

NICHIA has developed a 2-in-1 adjustable white LED solution with Tunable White.

Nichia also developed a 2-in-1 tunable white LED solution that uses patented technology to enable the user to seamlessly switch CCTs from 6500K to 2700K. Using a small, single light-emitting surface, the product provides superior color uniformity with high color quality; up to 90 CRI. It enables thinner, more elegant optical luminaire designs, eliminating the need for bulky color mixing chambers.

NF2W757G-MT uses the standard 757 package with new patented technology to allow the user to smoothly transition CCT's from 6500K to 2700K. the important innovation is its ability to accomplish color tuning under a small, single light emitting surface (LES), thus achieving superb color uniformity with high color quality; up to 90 CRI in the popular CCT's. The 2-in-1 tunable white 757 enables thinner, sleeker optical designs, eliminating the need for bulky mixing chambers.

Moreover to remarkable color, NF2W757G-MT allows users to improve operational efficiency. With performance on par with the primary 757's shipping today, the industry's #1 mid power LED, CCT can now be selected with ease at the time of assembly, shipment or installation etc. carrying inventory of multiple CCT's. This can dramatically reduce inventory complexity, lead times and cost. NF2W757G-MT will be available in multiple binning options, including 3-step only, to further simplify the implementation.

Nichia's 757G series mid-power, 3030 LED package uses a proprietary design and thermoset composite material to deliver efficacy and value beyond current high-power LED capabilities.

Further more, with luminous efficacy reaching 220 lumens/watt, the Nichia 757G series surpasses in performance all other commercially available mid-power LEDs as of 2019.

LM-80 and TM-21 reports from Nichia certify also reliability at over 60,000 hours with minimum color shifts.

The unique design attributes in the 757G series ensure great reliability while delivering high visual comfort with uniform light distribution and tighter color control. The differentiation rests with the proprietary thermoset composite packing materials paired with high-efficiency LED chips and specially blended phosphors.