NICHIA Human Centric Lighting 22.09.2021

NICHIA Human Centric Lighting Azure – Warm White

Serotonin is a hormone that gives people a feeling of happiness, vitality. Melatonin provides the sleep rhythm of the human body and the increase in temperature necessary for sleep. Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone, leaves its place to the hormone Melatonin when the air turns the dark. On this purpose NICHIA release Azure Series. The most important feature is in the spectrum it is more intense on blue area like Blue Pumped LED.
Through to Vitasolis LED, employees' need for sleep especially in the morning, their productivity and efficiency will be increased. In addition, through to the hormone Serotonin hormone, they will be happier, more lively and energetic mood.  To follow up sun spectrum and catch circadian rythim we need IOT and automation technology. So need to change lux levels and CCT during the day like KNX, DALI systems.

In addition, while Vitasolis LED increases the serotonin hormone in the morning, suppressed melatonin hormone at night interrupting the circadian rhythm, causing various health problems. Therefore, it is not enough to be used alone in human centric lighting. As much as Blue Pump LED is needed during the day, we need to use LEDs with reduced blue spectrum in the evening. At this point Nichia represent Optisolis, is an LED with suppressed blue spectrum and increased spectrum intensity towards red and purple.
The correct application is combining Vitasolis and Optisolis together. Daytime Vitasolis and cold colour and evening/night Optisolis with warm colour. The researches proofs that when you compare with regular LED Lighting and HCL application the application with Blue Pump or Blue Supression there is a huge difference in melatonin levels.