Nichia NF2W757G-F1 Current Trends in Office Lighting 28.07.2022

The lighting industry is already tapping into potential 'LEDification' and sustainability to deliver significant energy efficiency and environmental benefits and move forward There is no doubt that energy savings will continue to be a key driver for the office

Office workspaces are not homogeneous; Ruling there is not a standard aesthetic or order. New work surrounding it as the designers sit down to conceptualize it. In contrast, there is no one-dimensional approach to office lighting. Today's office lighting schemes have many goals to achieve, at least to achieve energy efficiency, sustainability and addressing the emerging challenges of the circular economy. Of course, none of these ambitions can be achieved at the expense of light quality. Lighting should be suitable for the purpose and to please the user. Requirements; After all, the right lighting is often a personal choice. Then there's the visual appeal and the expression of the workplace brand that appeals to both employees and customers. Systems intelligence is also climbing As users seek the benefits of data analytics, the wish list is driving the growing popularity of the human-centered approach, while lighting (dynamic lighting) should not be overlooked. aims to increase staff productivity and well-being.

The lighting industry is already tapping into the potential of 'LEDification' to deliver significant energy and sustainability efficiency and environmental benefits, and to advance there is no doubt that energy savings will continue to be a key driver for office lighting designs. From a renovation standpoint, a lot is left. There is still infrastructure and regulatory pressure to switch to LED to support this progress. Rules emerging in Europe eg halogens remaining until September 2021. It has also issued a new policy that sets the goal of double folding. Renewal rates over the next few years. It is estimated to be around 75%. The existing building stock is energy inefficient as it was built earlier. current legislation on performance. Another contribution to energy saving Daylight is an effective lighting control, like those provided by timing. and occupancy sensors that allow systems to respond instantly to user requirements. However, it is clear that the future needs office lighting. beyond energy efficiency that most people underestimate. With this in mind, the real value of lighting to the industry and society will come. The effects of light that are clearly documented biologically from intelligent and dynamic systems to academia and the medical research community.

*NF2W757G-F1 is a part number.


Part Number: NF2W757G-F1

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