NICHIA represent NVSW219F 1800K High Power LED, alternate of one and only solution High Pressure Sodium Lamps 17.08.2021

NICHIA introduces High-Power 1800K LED as industry’s only true alternative to High Pressure Sodium lamps

Existing LED solutions fail to meet the light profile demanded by applications currently serviced by HPS. This typically requires a light level with a low correlated color temperature (CCT) of 1800K to recreate the ‘nostalgic landscape’ effect typified by HPS.

Picture 1: Nostalgic Landscape presented by High Pressure Sodium lamps

NICHIA has developed the 219F at 1800K/CRI 70 to address this, with technology that can meet the CCT and color rendering index (Ra) required for street lighting applications and lighting for parks and other outdoor areas.

Picture 2: Comparison of emission color

INCHIA’s newest technology brings plenty of benefits in addition to the color matching with HPS. The color rendering index (CRI) of the 219F is higher than HPS, increasing it from less than 5, by NICHIA measurement, to over 70, which enhances the natural colors of a city vs. the monotone rendering with HPS. The ability to generate a true color landscape delivers comfortable and bright lighting while retaining nostalgic and/or elegant atmosphere. Also, LEDs allow for instantaneous on/off and output modulation or dimming controls. Enabling “smart lighting” will lead to energy savings. Needless to say, LEDs help to achieve mercury-free replacement and offer longer lifetime. The 219F can deliver up to 60,000 hours of operation, over twice the average of HPS (24,000 hours).